4. Using QBF
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Using QBF
Query-By-Forms (QBF)
QBF is an interactive, visually oriented, forms-based tool for adding, deleting, changing, and viewing data on selected query targets in a database.
A query target can be a table, JoinDef, or QBFName. For ease of use, you can use default forms to access tables or JoinDefs in QBF. You can also define a customized form to suit your particular needs for accessing a table or JoinDef with which the customized form is associated. A table or JoinDef that has been associated with a customized form is called a QBFName. Use the VIFRED to create the customized form for a QBFName, as described in the chapter "Using VIFRED."
You can access QBF frames from the QBF Startup frame. For a map of the options available to you when you choose the JoinDefs operation, see the chapter "Using JoinDefs in QBF."