18. Working with Data Types and Data Display Formats : Date and Time Templates : Absolute Date and Time Templates
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Absolute Date and Time Templates
You can specify absolute date and time templates by entering an example date that indicates exactly how you want each date and time element to be displayed or entered. You can specify any one of many variations of the following representative date and time for your date template:
Sunday, 1901 February 3 at 4:05:06 p.m.
You can use any or all parts of the representative date in your date template, as in the following examples:
d'Sun, Feb 3, 1901'
d'02/03/01 16:05:06'
An absolute date and time template overrides any date format specified by the II_DATE_FORMAT environment variable/logical. For more information on II_DATE_FORMAT, see the System Administrator Guide for the system on which your database resides.