2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : How to Start an Ingres Tool : Command Syntax to Start Ingres Menu or Tool : Access Parameters on Startup Commands
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Access Parameters on Startup Commands
The commands used to start the Ingres Menu or an Ingres forms-based tool have the following access parameters:
Any command used to invoke the Ingres Menu or an Ingres tool.
Virtual node name of the remote node on which the database is located. The v_node name implies the actual network node address and the network protocol. They are identified when the node name is defined with the netu utility. Two colons (::) must follow v_node.
Name of the database containing the relevant data. It can be the name of a distributed database.
Name of the type of server being accessed at the local or remote site, (the default is Ingres, which is the server_type designated for the DBMS Server). Other server types are Star or one of the Enterprise Access products to a non‑Ingres database. For specific names, see the database documentation.