15. VIFRED Field Specifications : Attributes in the Set List
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Attributes in the Set List
The following summarizes the attributes in the Set list on the Attributes for Field frame for both simple fields and table field columns. Some of the attributes apply only to simple fields or only to table field columns.
Box Field
Automatically encloses the field in a box (simple fields only).
Keep Previous Value
The last value entered in this field appears as a default value (simple fields only).
Mandatory Field
Data entry is required for this field.
Reverse Video
Reverses screen contrast from bright characters on dark background to the opposite, or vice versa.
Makes the field blink on and off. Microsoft Windows does not support blinking. Instead, the background color changes in intensity to represent the blinking attribute.
Underlines the characters in the field.
Brightness Change
Toggles the brightness of a field.
Can enter data in this field only if form is in Query or Fill mode.
ForceLower Case
Changes any uppercase letters entered to lowercase.
ForceUpper Case
Changes any lowercase letters entered to uppercase.
No Auto Tab
Turns off automatic tabbing when the end of a field is reached to prevent the user from accidentally typing over the next field.
Prevents on‑screen display of data typed into this field.
Prevents entry of data into this field; allows only display of data. You cannot place cursor in this field with Tab or Return keys.
Prevents on‑screen display of a simple field or table field column. You cannot place cursor in this field with the Tab or Return keys.
Turns input masking on or off for use with input templates in data entry field display formats. Input masking checks user input against a format template, character by character, as the user enters the data.