14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Boxes and Lines
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Boxes and Lines
You can draw boxes and lines on your form for informational and aesthetic purposes. You can use boxes and lines to visually group form components, to provide borders for both normal and pop-up style forms, and to add color and graphic design elements.
You draw boxes and lines with the Create Box/Line operation. Vertical lines are actually boxes that have a vertical length of any amount and a horizontal width of only one column. Horizontal lines are boxes that have a horizontal width of any amount and a vertical length of only one column.
While you can also draw horizontal lines on your form with the Create Trim operation using keyboard keys such as the underscore character or dash, the effect is different than that achieved by using the Box/Line operation. The Box/Line operation allows you to set line attributes (described in Enhancing Boxes and Lines) and also allows you to correctly create intersecting lines. Boxes and lines have the following characteristics:
Boxes can be of any size up to the size of your form.
Boxes and lines are the only trim components that can occupy more than one line on your form.
Boxes can enclose other form components.
Boxes can be nested within each other and overlap each other.
If a box line intersects some other form component, the other component overwrites that portion of the box or line that it overlaps. It appears as if the component is lying on top of part of the box. The form is not harmed by having a component overlap part of a box line.