14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Table Fields : Change Column Attributes
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Change Column Attributes
You can change any column attribute for one column at a time.
To change the attributes of one column
1. In the Table Field frame, position the cursor on the name of the column whose attributes you want to change, and then choose EditAttr.
VIFRED displays the Attributes for Field frame.
2. Change the desired attributes.
Display attributes for a table‑field column apply to the entire column. For example, if you set the Blinking attribute, the entire column blinks.
VIFRED changes the attributes for the column immediately.
3. Choose the End operation.
You are returned to the previous frame.
Once you have used the EditAttr operation, you cannot use the Cancel operation to cancel the changes, because VIFRED has already made them permanent. To change an attribute, choose the Edit operation on the Form Layout frame and repeat this procedure.