14. VIFRED Form Components : Change the Tabbing Order of Fields on a Form
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Change the Tabbing Order of Fields on a Form
The Layout frame editing operations include the Order operation. Use the Order operation to specify the tabbing order on the form. Tabbing order is the order in which the cursor moves from field to field on your form when someone is using it in QBF or in an application. Default tabbing order is left to right, top to bottom. However, you can use the Order operation to specify any tabbing order you want.
When you choose the Order operation, VIFRED displays the fields with their current tabbing order.
Following are the Order menu choices:
Enables you to type a new sequence number over the current one.
Restores the default order.
Cancels any changes you have entered and returns to the Layout menu.
Help, End
Perform standard operations.
To change the tabbing order
1. Choose the Order operation on the Form Layout frame.
A new menu appears. A sequence number at each field indicates its position in the tabbing order.
2. Move the cursor to the field you want to change, and then choose the Edit operation.
VIFRED displays the message:
Change sequence number (press <MENU KEY> when done)
3. Type a new, unique sequence number over the current one and press the Menu key.
4. Choose the End operation to return to editing.
If you attempt to exit the Order menu while two fields have the same sequence number assigned, VIFRED issues the error message:
Non‑unique field order number(s) found
If a field has no field order number, VIFRED assigns it the next available number. VIFRED searches for fields with no field order number in the default tabbing order, left to right, top to bottom.
To restore the default order, choose the DefaultOrder operation. To cancel changes made since entering the Order menu, choose the Cancel operation.