2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : How to Start an Ingres Tool : Command Syntax to Access a Non-Ingres Database
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Command Syntax to Access a Non-Ingres Database
If you want to access a non‑Ingres database through an Enterprise Access product, you must include the server type for the database, preceded by a slash ( / ).
If the non‑Ingres or distributed database is located on a remote node, you must also include the virtual node name.
command dbname|v_node::dbname/server_type
For example, to use QBF with an IMS database called sales located on a local node, enter:
qbf sales/ims
If the sales database resides on the remote node, hq, enter:
qbf hq::sales/ims
For more information about using tools through an Enterprise Access product and for associated server types, see the documentation for the specific Enterprise Access product.