C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Commands for Advanced Features (UNIX and VMS Environments) : Commands to Optimize Cursor Movement (UNIX and VMS)
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Commands to Optimize Cursor Movement (UNIX and VMS)
These commands generally improve the way the forms system moves the cursor around the form. They are usually optional.
This terminal has automatic margins. This Boolean command is important on forms that run to the edge of the screen.
Down one line. Inclusion of this command helps the forms system move the cursor faster.
Scroll reverse. This command makes the form scroll backwards instead of jumping if you are moving up on a long form.
Change scrolling region. This command improves the appearance of the cursor movements when scrolling on a long form. The forms system still works if this is not defined, but it does not look as nice. This command is very similar in form to the cm command; however, the cs command's parameters are the upper and lower limits of scrolling instead of the position on the screen. Otherwise, all the place markers and modifiers are the same. If you use the cs command, you must also include the sr command.
Example: vt100