15. VIFRED Field Specifications : Specify a Validation Check : Comparison Operator Validation Checks
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Comparison Operator Validation Checks
The format for a comparison operator validation check is a string containing one or more comparison operators. Comparison operator validation checks have the following conventional syntax:
fieldname comparisonoperator constant
fieldname comparisonoperator otherfieldname
fieldname IS NULL
fieldname IS NOT NULL
The fieldname is the internal name of the field being validated; otherfieldname is the internal name of some other field containing a value to be compared against. In a validation string for a table‑field column, you use tablefieldname instead of fieldname, as follows:
tablefieldname.internalcolumnname comparisonoperator constant
The following table lists valid comparison operators for SQL.
Equal to
Not equal to
Not equal to
Less than
Less than or equal to
Greater than
Greater than or equal to
SQL string equal to