17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : copyform Command--Copy a Form to Another Database : Copy Forms to a Text File
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Copy Forms to a Text File
If you do not enter values for dbname or filename, the copyform command prompts you for the missing values.
If you do not specify a form name on the command line, copyform issues the following prompt:
Specify Forms? [y/n]
Type y for yes. The copyform command asks you for form names:
Form? (end with Return)
Type the form names one at a time. To end a list of form names, press the Return key.
The copyform command begins to copy the forms from the database. At this point copyform is only copying the form’s definition to a text file. The format of this text file is not useful for determining what is actually in the form. Most of the file consists of the entries from the system catalogs in text format. Because these catalogs are interdependent, do not alter or edit this file, or you can cause the irrecoverable destruction of the form.