14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Table Fields : Create Default Columns with GetTableDef
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Create Default Columns with GetTableDef
If the table field you are creating corresponds to an existing table or tables in the database, you can use the GetTableDef operation to create default columns. VIFRED automatically creates internal names and data display types that match the columns in the corresponding table or tables.
You can then use the default columns as is, or as a starting template, rather than individually entering column titles, display formats, and internal names on the Table Field form.
To use the GetTableDef operation
1. Place the cursor in the table field on the Table Field frame.
2. From the Table Field frame, choose GetTableDef from the menu.
VIFRED prompts you for a table name.
3. Enter the name of the table or tables, including the schema name, if appropriate.
To enter multiple table names, separate the names by a comma; for example, staff, managers, tasks. VIFRED lists all columns from each table in the table field in the order that they appear in the table, and in the order of table names that you specify.
The specifications for the table appear on the Table Field frame.
4. If you want to, edit the specifications with the Insert, Delete, EditAttr, and Move operations on the Table Field frame. For more information, see the discussions following this procedure.