14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Creation of Simple Fields : Create Field Titles and Default Internal Names
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Create Field Titles and Default Internal Names
When you create a title for a simple field, VIFRED automatically creates an internal name for the field. The field title on the form has no significance other than display. The internal field name is the code name for the field that you use when writing application code in a programming language or with Applications‑By‑Forms or Vision to manipulate the form. For more information on internal field names, see Parts of a Form (see page Parts of a Form).
If you do not want to create a field title, you can use the Attributes operation to create only an internal name for a field, as described in Creating Your Own Internal Field Names.
The title and internal name of a field are initially similar (up to the legal limits of internal names), but can be changed separately. This enables you to change the name of the field on a form without changing its underlying internal name or the application code that controls activity in the field. It is common practice in VIFRED to change a form's field titles, but not its internal field names. If you need to do so, you can change the internal name with the Attributes operation as described in Creating Your Own Internal Field Names or in the chapter "VIFRED Field Specifications."
To create a title and default internal name for a new simple field
1. Choose Create on the Form Layout frame; then choose Field on the Create submenu.
2. Place the cursor where you want the first character of the field's title to appear on the form.
3. Choose the Title operation.
VIFRED displays the message:
Enter title (press <MENU KEY> when done)
4. Enter the title, and then press the Menu key.
You are returned to the previous menu.
Created are a field title, which is displayed on the form, and a field internal name (with non‑legal characters automatically removed) that is not visible on the form.