14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Create New Blank Lines on the Form
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Create New Blank Lines on the Form
You can add new blank lines to your form to make room for additional components or to improve the form's appearance. To insert new blank lines in your form, use the Create NewLine operation.
This operation inserts new lines at the cursor location. When you create a new line, you push all components on lines below the cursor position down one line. This can have the effect of expanding the bottom margin of the form.
New blank lines are created on the Form Layout frame.
To create a new line
1. Place the cursor at the location on the form where you want the new blank line inserted. You cannot create a new line if the cursor is positioned inside a multi-line field.
2. Select the Create operation.
3. Select the NewLine operation.
A new line is inserted at the cursor location and all components below the new line are pushed down by one line.