10. Using Report-Writer : Report Setup and Format : Data Positioning, Formatting, and Printing
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Data Positioning, Formatting, and Printing
Report-Writer relies on three different groups of statements to print data in the correct place and format. These are:
Column and block default setting statements
Text positioning statements
Print statements
You use these statements to:
Set default print positions and widths for columns
Position text explicitly, or left justify, right justify, or center column values within the margins defined by the column defaults
Define the print format (for instance, character string or decimal) for the value to be printed
Print an explicit value or print the next value in a column at the previously defined position, in the designated format
The following discussions describe the process of positioning, formatting, and printing data in more detail.
Note:  Column defaults can be explicitly defined with the column and block or other statements noted previously. If defaults are left undefined, Report-Writer automatically determines the defaults from an analysis of your report code. See Automatic Determination of Default Settings. Explicitly set defaults override any automatically determined ones.