15. VIFRED Field Specifications : Required and Other Attributes : Data Type of a Field
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Data Type of a Field
You can change a field's data type by entering a new data type in the Data Type field of the Attributes form.
Fields on your form that correspond to data columns in tables must have the same data type as the data column in the table.
When you specify any of the character data types in the Attributes for Field frame, you cannot specify the length (number of characters) of the field, because VIFRED obtains the size of character fields from the field's display format. In this way VIFRED ensures that the data type size and format size are always the same.
Keep in mind that while VIFRED changes a field's data type to match a new display format, the reverse is not true. Thus, if you change a field's data type, you must make sure that the display format matches. When you select the Attributes for Field frame's End operation, VIFRED checks the compatibility of field data types and field display formats. VIFRED displays an error message if it finds an incompatibility. You must correct the problem before you can leave the Attributes for Field frame or edit the attributes of other fields or columns.