15. VIFRED Field Specifications : Field Attribute Specifications : Default Attributes
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Default Attributes
Fields on VIFRED forms assume these default attributes:
Fields on default forms assume the data type and internal field name attributes from the underlying column in the database table.
Defaults for required attributes in fields on custom-created (non-default) forms are set initially by VIFRED or by the user during form creation.
Attributes in the Set list of the Attributes for Field frame are initially set to n (no) for fields on custom‑created (non-default) forms.
A field created with VIFRED on a default form assumes default attributes according to the corresponding attributes of the underlying data column. For example, if the underlying data column accepts nulls, the default attribute of the field is set to accept nulls. By default, field attributes that have no corresponding data column attribute are set to off, designated by n in the Set list on the Attributes for Field form. The default for color is zero (0).
When you create a field with the Create Field operation, the default for each of the attributes in the Set list is n (no). The default for color is zero (0). The user sets other required attributes while creating the field.
When applied to a column in a table field, the Reverse Video, Blinking, Underline, Brightness Change, and Invisible attributes affect the entire column. For example, if a column has the Underline attribute set, every data value displayed in the column is underlined.