12. Report-Writer Statements : Page Layout and Control Statements : .Newpage Statement--Insert Page Break : Description
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You can place the .newpage statement at any point in your report specification. Report-Writer performs an immediate page break by skipping enough lines to get to the end of the page, then prints the page footer, sets the new page number, and writes a page header at the top of the new page. Report-Writer determines the new page number by incrementing the old page number, or by setting, incrementing, or decrementing the old page number to the specified value. If pagenumber is not specified, Report-Writer determines the default page number by incrementing the current page number by one.
At the end of the report, Report-Writer performs a .newpage statement automatically, if a page footer is specified (in this case, no page header appears on the next page). Also, if Report-Writer encounters a .newpage statement as the first printing action of the report, it does not print a page footer for that page.
Report-Writer evaluates any expressions used as parameters to the .newpage statement during runtime.