12. Report-Writer Statements : Text Positioning Statements : .Left Statement--Left Justify the Text : Description
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The .left statement left justifies the text printed in the next .print statement to one of the following locations:
Specified position
Position corresponding to a specified column
Value of a numeric expression that evaluates to a specified position
Value of a string expression or variable that evaluates to a column name
Report-Writer evaluates any expressions that are used as parameters to the .left statement during runtime.
You can specify all the values for these parameters as either absolute or relative to the last output position. Report-Writer removes all leading and trailing blanks from the text before placing the text in the output line.
The .left statement is the same as the .tab statement for all output except for text that contains leading blanks, such as formatted numbers.
The meaning of the .left statement is slightly changed when executed in column formatting mode (that is, when the .within statement is in effect and default column widths and positions are assumed). When executed under these circumstances, the .left statement positions text at the left margin of the column indicated in the .within statement. For more information about column formatting mode, see the .within/.endwithin statements.