12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Setup Statements : .Delimid Statement--Enable Recognition of Delimited Identifiers : Description
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Specify the .delimid statement in the Report-Writer source file to enable Report-Writer to recognize delimited identifiers in your report specification code. For a detailed discussion of delimited identifiers, see the chapter "Report-Writer Expressions and Formats."
You only need to specify this statement once in the source file. However, Report-Writer accepts multiple occurrences in a report specification to support use of the statement in individual and independent .include files for which delimited identifiers must be enabled.
Note:  If you use the .delimid statement in an .include file, be sure the included file actually contains code that requires this statement. Otherwise, Report-Writer can produce unexpected results.
Observe the following rules regarding placement of this statement in your report specification:
The .delimid statement must precede any statement that allows delimited identifiers. Therefore, only the following statements can precede the .delimid statement:
.longremark ... .endremark
The .include statement cannot precede the .delimid statement because the included file can contain statements that allow delimited identifiers.
If your report specification contains a .query statement specifying QUEL as the query language.