6. Using JoinDefs in QBF : Edit JoinDefs
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Edit JoinDefs
You can edit either the definition for a JoinDef on the JoinDef Definition frame, or you can edit the JoinDef form on which the JoinDef query is run.
When you run a JoinDef, QBF provides a default form in the query execution phase. You can make some adjustments to this form with the ChangeDisplay operation, described above. Use the VIFRED QBF for more extensive customization, such as adding descriptive title, validation checks, or displaying fields in reverse video. This further customization turns your JoinDef into a QBFname.
To make a JoinDef form accessible to VIFRED, be sure to save the JoinDef to store it in the JoinDefs Catalog.
To modify a saved JoinDef from within QBF, put the cursor on the name of an existing JoinDef on the JoinDefs Catalog frame and choose the Edit operation. This displays the JoinDef Definition frame for that JoinDef.
To create a new JoinDef from an existing one without affecting the original version, simply type a new name over the current one in the JoinDef Name field on the JoinDef Definition frame and then save it. QBF stores your changes under the new name when you choose the Save operation.