2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Error Messages : Error Message Viewing
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Error Message Viewing
For messages with explanations, the first line is displayed, along with a prompt offering you a choice of either End or More if the message contains more than one line.
To exit the message without reading the explanation, press the End key or click on the word End with your mouse.
To read the explanation, press the More key or click on the word More. After reading the explanation, press Return or Enter to return to your work in progress, or click anywhere inside the message box to dismiss the message.
For messages without an explanation, a single‑line message is displayed with a prompt that tells you to press Return or Enter after reading the message. This removes the message and returns you to your work in progress. Alternatively, if you are using a mouse, click anywhere inside the message box to remove it and return to your work.