12. Report-Writer Statements : Report Setup Statements : .Delimid Statement--Enable Recognition of Delimited Identifiers : Example
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The following example shows use of the .delimid statement in a report specification that creates a temporary table with columns "aaaa" and "delim col," then selects and prints values from column "aaaa" that match the value entered in response to a prompt for the variable "my_smallint."
.name sql_setup
.declare my_smallint = smallint with prompt 'Enter
     selection key numeric value: '
     create table my_temp_table (aaaa smallint,
        "delim col" varchar(4));
     insert into my_temp_table values (123,'abcd');
     select aaaa from my_temp_table where aaaa =
     .println 'Key Value: ',aaaa
     drop table my_temp_table;