12. Report-Writer Statements : Column and Block Statements : .Position Statement--Set Position and Width of Column Output : Examples
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1. The following example sets up default positions for columns, and prints out the data. The column "acct num" is a delimited identifier.
.position "acct num"(5), transact(20), balance(35)
.format transact, balance ('$,$$$,$$$.nn')
.format "acct num"('nn-nnnnn-n')
.tab acct .print acct
.tab transact .print transact
.tab balance .print balance
This results in a printout like this:
01-02234-4     $1,345.24     $11,429.32
02-41989-1       $876.24     $10,553.08
2. To vary the column positions and widths, use variables:
.position "acct num"($acct_pos, $acct_width),
    transact ($transact_pos, $transact_width),
    balance ($balance_pos, $balance_width)