12. Report-Writer Statements : Text Positioning Statements : .Tab Statement--Specify Tab Position : Examples
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1. To output "HERE" in character position 12 on a line, use:
.tab 12
.print 'HERE'
2. To output Summary in column position $title_col, use:
.tab $title_col
.println 'Summary'
3. To output the value of the daily balance column (a delimited identifier) in position 30, use:
.position "daily balance"(30)
    .tab "daily balance"
    .print "daily balance"('+++++.NN')
4. To print two columns of figures separated by a bar:
.tab credit_sum
.right salary1
.print salary1,' |'
.right salary2
.print salary2
5. To tab forward the amount specified by the value of $col_width, use:
.tab +$col_width