18. Working with Data Types and Data Display Formats : String Input Templates : Examples of String Templates
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Examples of String Templates
The following table shows some examples of string templates:
This template, with embedded dashes, lets the user enter 9 digits.
This template specifies two alphabetic characters and four digits, a dash separating the alphabetic and numeric characters. The alphabetic characters are mandatory.
This template specifies two digits and places a percent following the digits.
This template specifies that the user enter an e and x in the first and second positions, respectively, followed by four digits and an additional two more digits. The template forces uppercase on the first two positions, inserts zeros by default in the last two positions if the user does not make entries into those positions, and puts a dash before the final two positions.
This template specifies a five‑character entry. The first position is a digit and is a mandatory entry. The final four positions can be any character between a and m, inclusive. The final four positions are set off by single quotes and are forced to lower case.