F. Report-Writer Report Examples
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Report-Writer Report Examples
Overview of Report Examples
This section contains five complete sample reports:
The POPULATION report demonstrates a common type of report with subtotaling. POP2 shows an alternative set of formatting statements for producing the same output.
The ACCOUNT report demonstrates a complex report that might be used in accounting applications.
The DICTIONARY report demonstrates the use of character printing options within Report-Writer. DICT2 shows an alternative set of formatting statements for the same output.
The LABEL report demonstrates the formatting of mailing labels that print three across on a page, generated from a list of names and addresses.
The BOOKS report demonstrates the use of joining tables for producing a report.
Each report example contains the following information:
Table definition for the report
Data for the report
Listing of the report formatting statements used in the report code
Sample listing of the report itself
For the sake of clarity, the formatting statements appear in the examples as uppercase letters, although they can actually be specified in either uppercase or lowercase letters.