B. Defining Function and Control Keys : Key Mapping Overview (Windows Environment) : FRS Mapping File (Windows)
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FRS Mapping File (Windows)
A mapping file defines the use of the program function and control keys in the FRS. The mapping file associates a pf or control key with a particular Ingres function by mapping it to a FRS object. There are different types of FRS mapping objects. A FRS object can be an:
FRS command
Menu item
An example of a FRS object is the FRS command, menu. FRS commands are built‑in functions of the FRS, such as moving to the menu line or moving to the next field, that enable the user to view and edit the data on a form. The FRS defines the behavior of each FRS command. For instance, the menu command moves the cursor to the menu line.
The FRS mapping file maps these functions to the pf keys and other internal keys associated with the physical keys on your keyboard. The entire mapping sequence in the FRS mapping file and the termcap file can be depicted as:
FRS mapping object = pf or control key = keyboard key
For example, the key mapping sequence for the menu command can be represented as:
menu FRS command = pf2 program function key = F2 key
The actual mapping statement in the FRS mapping file would be:
menu = pf2 (F2) /* Menu (menu key) */
The key name shown in parentheses is a label that indicates to the user which physical key to press. The functionality of each key mapping is shown as a comment statement between the characters /* and */.
This mapping scheme provides flexibility in assigning functions to keyboard keys, without requiring editing of the termcap file. You can easily assign any FRS mapping object to a different key by changing the mapping statement in the FRS mapping file, or by overriding it with a statement in a mapping file of higher precedence. For more information, see Application Mapping Files (Windows) (see page Application Mapping Files (Windows)).
You can also substitute your own personal key mapping file for the FRS mapping file. To do so, set the Ingres_KEYS environment variable to the substitute file in a batch file, such as your autoexec.bat file, using the following syntax:
set INGRES_KEYS=fullpathname\filename
This can be useful if multiple users share the same PC and want to customize their key map assignments individually.