2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Frames and Forms : Fields on Forms
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Fields on Forms
Two types of fields appear on forms:
Simple fields
Table fields
A simple field displays data or accept data input one item at a time. The following figure displays a form with six simple fields.
A table field, as shown in the following figure, displays several rows and columns of data at a time.
You can include simple fields and a table field on the same form. A table field can have more rows than can be displayed at one time. Use the arrow keys or the Scrollup and Scrolldown keys to display more rows.
If the form itself is larger than the window, tabbing to a field or column automatically brings that portion of the form into view. You can also use the Scrollleft and Scrollright keys to move around a large form, or the Scrollup and Scrolldown keys to display a simple field that is beyond the top or bottom of your window.
Each field on a form consists of a data window, attributes, internal name, and an optional title:
The data window is the area in which data is displayed or entered.
Attributes affect the way data is displayed in a field and the way a user can work with a form. Some attributes control the look of the data. For example, you can use video highlight on the data in the data window. Other attributes control such things as the error message a user sees if the wrong value is entered into a field.
The internal name identifies the field and can be linked to the column in the database table from which the field receives its data, or to which it writes data. An application accesses the field by using the internal name. The internal name is not visible on the form. For more information on internal names, see the chapter "VIFRED Form Components."
The title describes the data that appears in a field. The title is optional and need not correspond to the name of a column in a database table.
The following figure illustrates the title and data window of a simple field.
The following figure identifies the same components on a table field.
For more information on forms, see the chapters "Using VIFRED," "VIFRED Form Components" and "VIFRED Field Specifications."