C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Commands for Advanced Features (Windows Environment) : Font Specifications (Windows)
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Font Specifications (Windows)
For each of the ya through yh termcap strings, Ingres allows you to set both a color and a font. Wherever the specified color is used, the specified font is used as well. You can specify a different font for each entry if you want. The following fixed fonts are available:
You must use one of these three fixed fonts for both the ya and the yb entry. For the other entries, you can use any fixed or proportional font loaded in your Windows system. However, for data entry fields, it is best to use one of the three fixed fonts provided, because the cursor placement is based on these fixed fonts.
Note:  Underlining in stock fixed fonts (OEM, ANSI, and SYSTEM) is not possible on a PC monitor, due to a Windows font limitation. On form fields for which the Underline attribute has been set, leading and trailing blanks display underscore characters to indicate underlining for these fonts. Text appears with full underlining, however, in fields with fonts that support it.
Specify fonts by adding a comma after the background/ foreground color information in the ya through yh entries, followed by the font name. OEM is the default if you do not specify a font. You can specify the point size for the font by placing a comma after the font name, followed by the point size. Following is a sample from the termcap file:
:yc=1F,MS Serif,14:\
:yd=1F,Times New Roman:\
:yf=1F,Courier new:\
:yg=1F,MS Sans Serif:\
The default point size for a proportional font is the largest size that fits on a line, where the line size is determined by the font for the ya entry. The point size specified for ya determines the spacing for all lines on a form. You must increase the line size if you are using a taller font for an entry other than ya.
To do so, use a large enough point size for ya, as in the following example:
:yc=1F,MS Serif,16:\
:yd=1F,Times New Roman:\
:yf=4F,Courier new:\
:yg=0B,MS Sans Serif:\
The default pixel and point sizes for the fixed fonts on a SVGA 800 x 600, 20‑inch monitor are shown in the following table: