5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Update Operation : How Data Is Modified
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How Data Is Modified
QBF displays the data from your query on a data display form in the Update frame. You can edit or delete this data, with the following exceptions:
If the table or tables you are accessing have permissions assigned to them, you need permission to perform an update.
If JoinDef update rules specify that the table or tables you are accessing cannot be updated, you cannot update columns in that JoinDef.
If JoinDef update rules have been applied to a join column on the frame, the cursor cannot stop on that field.
Delete rules have been established to prevent deletion of the rows in the underlying tables.
For more information on restrictions for updating JoinDefs, see Update and Delete Rules in the chapter "Using JoinDefs in QBF."
To edit the data, type your corrections over the displayed text. QBF does not commit your changes to the actual database as you enter them, but stores them in a temporary buffer. To save your changes and update the database, choose Save on the Update frame data display form menu.
Within QBF, you can change only one row of data at a time. However, you can use the SQL update statement in the Interactive Terminal Monitor to change all qualifying rows of data at one time.