14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Table Fields : How You Add Columns
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How You Add Columns
There are two ways to add columns to a table field on the Table Field frame:
Use the GetTableDef operation to append columns from a table; then use the Delete operation to remove any unwanted columns.
Use the Insert operation to insert or append columns.
When you choose the Insert operation on the Table Field frame, VIFRED inserts a new row before the row on which the cursor is currently resting. VIFRED then fills this row with the following default column specifications:
NEW1 for column title, c1 for display format
new1 for column internal name
Type the new title, column internal name, and display format over these default values.
Additional rows added using Insert are given successively numbered titles and internal names. NEW1/new1 are followed by NEW2/new2, NEW3/new3, and so on.
New data columns created with the Insert operation are not linked to and do not affect the data columns in the underlying table.
You can only link new data columns on the VIFRED form to data columns in tables by writing application code in a programming language, or with Vision or Applications‑By‑Forms, that links the field's internal name to the database table column. If you are not familiar with this sort of programming, we recommend that you work with default forms created from JoinDefs or tables, or add columns with the GetTableDef operation. With these methods VIFRED automatically creates the appropriate links between field and data column.