5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Append Operation : How to Use the Append Frame
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How to Use the Append Frame
Two approaches to adding new rows of data to a table with QBF are available:
Use a table field to append many rows of data at once.
Use simple fields to append one row at a time.
Each field on the Append frame corresponds to a single column in the query target table(s). On a default form, if the query target is a JoinDef, the join field(s) appears in reverse video, if your terminal has that capability.
Whether you use simple fields or a table field depends on the query target:
If the query target is a table, the menu choices SimpleFields and TableField appear, following the table you chose in the Tables Catalog frame.
If the query target is a Master/Detail JoinDef, the default format is a table field for the detail table and simple fields for the master. You can change this default on the JoinDef Definition frame.
If the query target is a QBFName, the form shown on the frame can have table fields or simple fields or both. The appearance and behavior of a QBFName form can be altered using the VIFRED as described in the chapters "Using VIFRED," "VIFRED Form Components," and "VIFRED Field Specifications."