E. Calling Ingres Tools from Embedded SQL and OpenSQL : Ingres Tool Parameters
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Ingres Tool Parameters
Each Ingres tool accepts parameters that are specified when the tool is called from an embedded SQL or OpenSQL program. Many of these parameters have the same effect as flags used when the tool is called from the operating system command line.
The maximum number of parameters for the call statement is 29, and the combined length of the parameters must not exceed 2043 bytes.
A parameter that does not take an argument must be set to an empty string, specified by an empty pair of quotes. For example, the silent parameter of the report call is equivalent to the -s flag on the report command line. Because -s does not take an argument, specify the silent parameter in the following way:
exec sql call report
    (database = 'mydb', name = 'employee', silent = ' ' );
For more information on each command, see the chapter "System Commands for the Forms-based Tools" and the Command Reference Guide.