B. Defining Function and Control Keys : Key Mapping Overview (UNIX and VMS Environments) : Levels of Mapping (UNIX and VMS) : Installation Level Mapping (UNIX and VMS)
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Installation Level Mapping (UNIX and VMS)
As mentioned previously, installation‑level mapping has the lowest precedence. It provides an underlying default, common to all terminal types, which can be overlaid with mappings for specific terminal types, as well as individual users and applications.
A default installation-level mapping file is shipped with Ingres. Because this default file references only control keys and not function keys, it must be usable for all Ingres terminal types.
The complete file specification for this mapping file is:
It contains the following statements:
/* Move cursor to next field */
nextfield = controlI (Tab)
/* Move cursor to previous field */
previousfield = controlP (^P)
/* Move up one word within field */
nextword = controlB (^B)
/* Move back one word within field */
previousword = controlR (^R)
/* Switch between insert and */
/* overstrike mode*/
mode = controlE (^E)
/* Redraw the screen */
redraw = controlW (^W)
/* Delete character under the cursor */
deletechar = controlD (^D)
/* Delete character to left of cursor */
rubout = controlDEL (Delete)
/* Start default text editor on field */
editor = controlV (^V)
/* Move left one space within a field */
leftchar = controlH (^H)
/* Move right one space within a field */
rightchar = controlL (^L)
/* Move down one line */
downline = controlJ (^J)
/* Move up one line */
upline = controlK (^K)
/* Move to first column of next row */
/* in table field */
newrow = controlN (^N)
/* Clear the field */
clear = controlX (^X)
/* Clear out rest of field */
/* and move to next field */
clearrest = controlM (Return)
/* Scroll up on the form */
scrollup = controlF (^F)
/* Scroll down on the form */
scrolldown = controlG (^G)
/* Scroll left on a form */
scrollleft = controlO (^O)
/* Scroll right on a form */
scrollright = controlU (^U)
/* Auto‑duplicate value while in fill mode*/
duplicate = controlA (^A)
While you can edit this file to customize your installation's default mappings, you must not change the name of this file. The FRS automatically looks for the file when starting up. If you do modify this file, be sure to map only those keys that are available for all terminal types at your installation.
Notice that the file does not specify a menu key. This is because the FRS command menu automatically defaults to Escape.