B. Defining Function and Control Keys : FRS Mapping Objects : FRS Keys : Map a FRS Key
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Map a FRS Key
For the end user to invoke an operation through an FRS key, two conditions must be met:
The application program must provide the operation code and specify that it be invoked or activated by a FRS key.
The FRS key must be mapped to a physical key on the user's keyboard.
Mapping the FRS key to a function or control key is handled identically to mapping a menu item or FRS command. If an FRS key defined in an application is not mapped to a function or control or arrow key, the end user has no way of accessing that FRS key's operation, unless the operation itself has also been defined for a menu item.
To map a FRS key
An FRS key is designated by the keyword frskey, followed by an integer in the range 1 to 40.
For example, the following statement maps FRS key 7 to function key 2:
frskey7 = f2
By pressing PF2 or F2, the user invokes the operation to which FRS key 7 has been defined, within the current frame.