3. Using the Tables Utility : Start the Tables Utility : Menu Options for the Table Catalog
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Menu Options for the Table Catalog
The Tables Catalog frame includes the following menu options:
Create a new table. Displays the Table Create frame. Cannot be used to create synonyms, views, or indexes.
Destroys the selected table, synonym, view, or index after asking for verification. Destroying a synonym does not destroy the underlying table.
Displays information about the names and data types of the columns in the selected table, view, synonym, or index. Invokes the Table Information frame.
Allows you to retrieve data from the selected table (or underlying table for a synonym, view, or index). Also allows update and append operations on tables.
Runs a preview report on the selected table, view, synonym, or index. Displays a submenu with the following report styles: Tabular, Wrap, or Block. For descriptions of preview reports and report styles, see the chapter "Using RBF." After you select the report style, it sends the report to a file or screen. For additional instructions, see the Sending a Report sections in the chapter "Producing a RBF Report."
Help, End, Quit
Standard operations.