14. VIFRED Form Components : Move Operation--Move Components on a Form
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Move Operation--Move Components on a Form
The Form Layout frame menu provides the following two operations that move components on your form:
The Move operation enables you to create forms wider than 80 columns, change the margins of the form, or reposition trim elements, boxes, vertical lines, fields, table fields, or field names on the form. This Move operation affects entire components as a whole. For example, the Move operation moves an entire table field as a unit. As an exception, you can specify that you only want to move a simple‑field title or simple‑field data window independent of the other part by using the Move submenu line.
Depending on whether you choose to move trim, a simple field, a table field, or the margin, various menus appear, as shown in the following table:
Menu Options
Place Left Center Right Shift
Simple Fields
Place Left Center Right Shift Title Format
Table Field
Place Left Center Right Shift
Place Expand
Using the GroupMove operation, you can move several unrelated form components at once.