2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Naming and Name Use Conventions
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Naming and Name Use Conventions
You can define a wide range of objects, from databases to reports and join definitions. You must follow certain conventions when naming or referencing objects. Identifiers are names for objects, such as table names, JoinDef names, column names, QBFNames, and so forth.
There are two types of identifiers:
Regular identifiers
Delimited identifiers
Regular identifiers are user and object names that follow standard naming conventions for that database. Delimited identifiers are delimited by double quotes (") and can contain additional characters and words that are disallowed in regular identifiers.
You can use only regular identifiers to name Ingres tools objects, such as JoinDefs, reports, forms, and QBFNames, which you create with QBF, RBF, and VIFRED. You can use either type of identifier to name Ingres database objects, which you create in the Tables Utility or with query language statements.