18. Working with Data Types and Data Display Formats : Numeric Templates
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Numeric Templates
In addition to other display formats for numeric columns, numeric templates for specialized needs are provided.
The general syntax of a numeric template is:
The character c is one of the special template characters. Use one special character for each space of the column width. For example, '$$$$' specifies that the column is four digits wide and a dollar sign must be printed to the left of whatever number is displayed in the field. You must delimit the template with single (') or double (") quotation marks; single quotes are recommended for consistency with requirements for quoting string constants.
You can include any printable character explicitly in a numeric template by preceding it with a backslash (\). For example, to include the percent symbol in a template, enter \%. The backslash is ignored and the character immediately following the backslash is read or displayed.
When input masking is off, checking is only performed when you exit Ingres.