B. Defining Function and Control Keys : Obtaining Information on Mappings
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Obtaining Information on Mappings
Within a forms-based system, such as QBF, a user can invoke the Help menu operation to find out the current settings for function and control keys, including (if UNIX or VMS) arrow keys. For more information, see online help. Within an embedded query language or 4GL application, you can get information about function, control, and arrow key mappings and other information about the FRS by using the inquire_frs command (inquire_forms in 4GL).
You can use this command to find out which key is mapped to a specific mapping object, the name of the application mapping file, or the current setting (on or off) of the menu map (the display of key labels on the menu line).
Windows: The button bar menu does not display associated function or control keys. Use the Help Keys operation to see these key mappings, or use the Menu and arrow keys to move the input focus bar to a menu item; the associated key appears in the message window on the bottom line of the main window.
You can also obtain information about the user's terminal type so that application mapping can be coded conditionally, according to the particular user's terminal. (For complete information on inquire_frs and inquire_forms, see the Forms-based Application Development Tools User Guide.)