6. Using JoinDefs in QBF : How You Create a JoinDef : Optional JoinDef Specifications
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Optional JoinDef Specifications
You can further enhance your JoinDef specification by performing one or both of the two optional operations listed below. (If you perform either of these operations, be sure to save the changed JoinDef when you are finished.)
To establish update and delete rules for the join columns, choose Rules to display the JoinDef Update & Delete Rules frame. For more information, see Update and Delete Rules (see page Update and Delete Rules).
To hide one or more columns from view on the default query form created by the JoinDef, choose ChangeDisplay to display the JoinDef Change Display frame (see page JoinDef Change Display).
To run a JoinDef, choose the Go operation. The QBF Execution Phase frame appears. Choose Append, Retrieve, or Update. A default form for your new JoinDef appears. Use the menu items as desired.