17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : report Command--Run a Report : Passing Parameters on the Command Line : Passing Multiple Parameters
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Passing Multiple Parameters
To pass multiple parameters in a where clause, you follow the same rules for the use of parentheses and quotes as described in the Passing an Entire Where Clause section. For example, suppose your report specification contains the following code:
.declare wherevar = varchar(100)
.query select * from employees
      where $wherevar
You would enter the following command on the command line:
report personnel emp (wherevar='deptid=504 and
      mgr=''Jones'' and hiredate>=''01/01/95''')
If your operating system requires it, enclose the entire parameter within double quotes:
report personnel emp "(wherevar='deptid=504 and
      mgr = ''Jones'' and hiredate >= ''01/01/95''')"