11. Report-Writer Expressions and Formats : Recognition of Delimited Identifiers : Precedence over String Constants
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Precedence over String Constants
When enabled, delimited identifiers take precedence over double‑quoted string constants. For example, the following statement causes Ingres to attempt to print the value of a column named "a b c" rather than the string "a b c".
.print "a b c"
If it does not find a column matching that description, Ingres issues an error.
To avoid any potential confusion between delimited identifiers and string constants or format templates, we strongly recommend that you use single quotes (') to delimit quoted strings and format templates within Report-Writer. The only exception to this rule is in .query statements if the query language is QUEL, in which case double quotes for string constants and format templates are required. This does not pose a problem because delimited identifiers are not allowed within QUEL queries.