7. Using RBF : Preview Reports
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Preview Reports
A preview report provides a quick method of producing a simple report containing all the data in a given table, view, or JoinDef. Each preview report is a one‑time event; you cannot save a preview report.
The advantages of a preview report are:
Speed (Producing a preview report is faster than creating and running a report specification.)
The disadvantages of a preview report are that you cannot:
Use aggregates
Edit the report format
Specify data sorting
Produce Master/Detail, labels, or indented style reports
Save the report specification
You can produce preview reports only in tabular, wrap, or block styles. Report- sorts the data by the first column only. If your table has duplicate data in the first column, RBF reports those rows together, but in an undetermined order relative to each other.
For instructions on producing preview reports, see the chapter "Producing a RBF Report."