2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Printing and Redrawing the Screen : Print the Screen
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Print the Screen
Depending on how you have defined your terminal or your keyboard keys, you can print the contents of the currently displayed screen by pressing the designated printscreen key.
You can also set the II_PRINTSCREEN_FILE environment variable/logical to a file name that automatically writes the results of the printscreen function, or to printer to send the screen contents to the line printer. For more information on setting environment variables or logicals, see the System Administrator Guide.
To print the current screen
1. Press the key assigned to that function.
On a VT100, press Control‑G; on a VT220, press F8; on a PC, press Prtsc. The key assignment can vary from keyboard to keyboard.
If you have set II_PRINTSCREEN_FILE to a specific file or to printer, the screen contents are sent to the file or printer. Otherwise, a prompt appears:
Enter file name:
2. Do one of the following:
Type the name of a file and press Return to transfer an image of the current form, including all displayed data values, to the specified file. The entire form is included, even though it can be longer and wider than your window.
Type printer as the file name and press Return to send the image to the line printer.