7. Using RBF : Start RBF : Report Catalog Frame
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Report Catalog Frame
The Report Catalog frame, shown in the following figure, provides access to all the basic RBF functions. The table field portion of this frame lists all the report specifications for this database owned by you or the database administrator. Report specifications owned by other users are not listed in the Report Catalog frame.
To locate a report specification, scroll through the list or use the First Letter Find function (see Find Entry Using First Letter).
The menu items on the Report Catalog frame are as follows:
Creates a new report specification for a specified table, view, RBF report, or JoinDef.
Deletes a report specification that you own from the database.
Selects a report specification for further editing. Places you in the Report Layout frame. You can edit RBF reports only; you cannot edit reports saved with the sreport command. For additional information, see the chapter "Working with RBF Report Specifications."
Changes the name of a report specification that you own.
Calls a second frame containing more information on the selected report specification.
Runs a report immediately for the specified table or view. Produces a oneā€‘time only report in the default format for the report style you selected. Contains all the data in the specified table or view. Does not save a report specification. For instructions on producing a preview report, see the chapter "Producing a RBF Report."
Archives a report to a text file. For instructions, see the chapter "Working with RBF Report Specifications."
Runs an existing report specification.
Help, End, Quit
Perform standard operations.