7. Using RBF : Report Styles
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Report Styles
RBF offers the following six report styles:
Tabular (or Column)
When you select a report style for your report, RBF provides you with the default report specification for the chosen style. You can then edit the default report specification to look exactly the way you want. The report style that you initially choose is not a persistent attribute of the report; rather, it is a starting point for further customization. There are some restrictions on editing labels reports, as discussed in Labels Style.
After you have created and saved a report specification, you cannot instruct RBF to convert it to a different style. For instance, you cannot take an existing tabular report and instruct RBF to convert it to block style. But, you can always change the appearance of the report by editing it, as noted above.
All styles are not always available. For example, the Master/Detail style is available only when you base your report on a Master/Detail JoinDef. RBF displays only those styles available for your report.