2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Menus : Selecting a Menu Option : Selecting a Menu Option Using a Function Key
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Selecting a Menu Option Using a Function Key
Generally, a menu operation has a function key (or key combination) mapped to it. In most environments, the associated key appears in parentheses following the operation on the menu line.
Windows: In a Windows environment, the function key associated with the currently highlighted menu item appears on the bottom line of your window. You can also display a definition list of Ingres function keys by pressing F1 or clicking on the Help operation with the mouse and then choosing the Keys operation.
You can choose the menu operation by pressing its associated function key, regardless of the cursor location. This invokes the operation immediately. You do not have to press Return. For example, if Quit(PF4) appears on the menu line (or if PF4 is associated with Quit in a Help window), you press the PF4 key to invoke the Quit operation. If ^F is shown as the associated key, hold down the Control key and press the F key.