7. Using RBF : Sources of Report Data
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Sources of Report Data
A RBF report can be based on:
A table
Selected columns in a table
A view
A joinDef
An existing RBF report
When choosing the source for your report, be aware of the following restrictions:
If you base the report on a table and later add a column to the table, the report will not reflect the addition.
If you delete a column or change the data type of a column, you will not be able to edit or run the report using RBF.
If ownership of the table changes to other than the DBA or the catalog owner, you will not be able to edit or run the report using RBF, unless the new owner grants you access.
If you base the report on a view or JoinDef and later change the definition of the view or JoinDef, the report will not reflect those changes.
You cannot base a report on an existing report that was saved with the sreport command, a system‑level command used for saving reports in Report-Writer format. For more information about sreport, see the chapters "Working with RBF Report Specifications" or "Using Report-Writer."
You must specify SQL as the query language if you create a report in that contains any of the following objects:
Table owned by a user other than yourself or the DBA
Table, column, or correlation name that is a delimited identifier
You cannot run the report under earlier releases of Ingres.